On-Site Diagnostics X-ray CT

On-Site Diagnostics Laboratories
Not everything can be detected from a physical examination. Blood and laboratory tests are often very helpful in making an accurate diagnosis.
At our clinics you won't have to wait days for laboratory analysis. Our fully equipped on-site laboratory allows us to perform advanced diagnostics such as electrolytes, blood chemistry, and complete blood count testing to help us determine the best treatment plan for your pet's medical condition. Many other hormone and viral blood tests can also be done on site. Our nurses are trained at performing laboratory tests and many results are available within minutes. Along with our laboratory capabilities, we also work with several outside referral laboratories and overseas based pathology specialists should your pet require more specialized testing.
We will always recommend a blood profile for your pet before surgery, especially older or high risk patients.
Digital Radiology
Digital x-ray equipment produces high-quality, accurate images for fast, more accurate treatment for your pet. Our clinics offer state-of-the-art digital radiology to your pets. Radiography (or X-ray) is fundamental for assessing a wide variety of ailments in pets, allows us to diagnose the severity and location of many conditions, including broken bones, tumors, bladder stones and the presence of foreign bodies (a bone, toy, or piece of clothing) in your pet's stomach or intestine. it is also useful for diagnosing heart and lung problems in your pet and can be used to evaluate hip and elbow dysplasia in dogs. Because your pet deserves the best diagnostic services, our experienced veterinarians will be evaluating and interpreting your pet's x-rays. We can also send images to a specialist for advice if necessary. We can provide you with a digital copy of your pets x-rays.
CT scan
We are also equipped with CT (computed tomography scan)  machine in Wanchai hospital, enabling us to quickly schedule for patient in needs. CT scans are like a rotating series of x-ray, it is gives us very detailed images of body parts especially when we aim for more precise surgery planning or cancer hunting etc. Patients undergo CT procedure are always given intravenous fluids to maintain ideal blood pressure. Sometimes we also inject contrast into the vain during the procedure to obtain more detailed images. We can also build a 3-D model of the organs or skeleton with CT images.