At our clinic we are very fortunate to offer the services of two veterinary specialist ophthalmologists. Dr Anthony Goodhead and Dr Izak Venter are university lecturers and spend a few weeks consulting at our clinics every few months. Some of the clinical ophthalmic examinationswe offer include Schirmer tear test, fluorescein staining, tonometry, electroretinography,  ocular ultrasonography etc. Electroretinography or ERG in short, is to evaluate retinal function. It allows one to measure the electrical activity within the retina and thereby assess its functional integrity. This procedure is performed on all our cataract patients to ensure normal retinal function before cataract surgery. Ocular ultrasonography enables the examiner to visualize structures both within and behind the eye. This is particularly important in ocular conditions that make ophthalmoscopic examination difficult and in cases where there is pathology behind the eye.

Ophthalmic Surgery

Cataract Surgery with Intraocular Lens Replacement by small-incision phacoemulsification

  • Cryosurgery- eyelash disorders, lens luxations
  • Eyelid Surgery for correction of entropion, tumors, cherry eye
  • Corneal Surgery- foreign body removal, sequestrum removal, corneal transplants, conjuctival grafts.

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